DeFi Million is a new way of decentralized finance interactions between users.
Our Network count over 1 million users in Decentralized Finance, which we cover in a long term stakers and profit makers.


DeFi Million shares DEMI Tokens to their global telegram community.

DEMI Token is a decentralized token under the ERC-20 protocol allowing users to: earn by staking, and trading assets.

Investing only 1 USD in DEMI token our community automatically reach 1M USD which will be traded with public users on Top exchanges and increased up to 100M USD and shared in our Telegram community. Means, with investing just 1 USD you will automatically get 100 USD.

The hype around DeFi is increasing and we have already over 1 million users in our Network.

DeFi Million own DEMI tokens which can be used for staking, farming, Trading.

DEMI Token will be listed

Road Map

Private Sale

Private sale with private investors 42 days of token sale with 50% discount. Special bonuses for big investors contact our Admin.

Public Sale

Public sale and marketing campaign will be at the same time, will be sold out all tokens which hasn’t been sold on private sale, everyone can purchase tokens at any amount.

Marketing Campaign

Telegram Marketing, AMA Sessions, Press Media, Global Marketing Campaign, Hedge Funds investors meetups. Meetups with institutional investors in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, New York, Tokyo, London.

Exchange Listing

Listing on Uniswap and other Top Exchanges

Global Trading

Global trading campaign between our users with 1Million USD Prize pool. + other trading activities on exchanges.

Mobile App

Creation of mobile App for better usability of our DEMI token and other things.

Private Sale Information

Telegram private group Available only for private sale investors. Investors who already participated in private sale will be automatically added to the private group, where will be discussion between Admins and investors, and you can ask any questions, purchase any amount of tokens, invite your friends and partners, can Pool of private investors and profit can be share between all members, plus many other profitable things.

Private sale, token price will be 50% cheaper than Public price. Investors who participated on private sale stage can make double profit.

To participate in Private sale, please contact our Admin.

Public Sale Information

Token sale stage will be highly promoted across the Telegram communities with 10 millions of users around the world, will be sold out 100 millions of tokens. After public sale price for tokens will pump up to 20k USD per token and every private sale investor will get very high returns.